Baldwins Book Barn!

I recently moved to Pennsylvania, and anyone who knows me knows that I didn’t feel like a resident until I got my county library card – not my driver’s license. After rummaging through the old but adorable library (who was having a library book sale on that day …. I made a killing), I also needed to start the search for used bookstores in the area.

It’s been a passion for a few years now, after being taken to a small used bookstore in the middle of nowhere, New Jersey by a past co-worker. I fell in love with the place (which I’ll blog about at a later time, once I revisit it) but it brought on the idea that there has to be a ton of used bookstores with character and rare books.

I collect vintage Agatha Christie’s, and those privately and sometimes family owned used bookstores are where I make the most significant finds. Don’t get me wrong, I love Barnes and Noble and the other large named bookstores, but there is something about the character and smell of a used bookstore that brings joy to my heart.

That brings me to Baldwin’s Book Barn! A magical 5 story barn filled with books from top to bottom. A gem brought to my attention by a friend who has lived in the Pennsylvania area longer than me, I have to give him props for being right about this place being amazing!

A bit of a drive away from me (out in West Chester, PA), my husband and I took the trip, and it was well worth it. There were books for $1.00 all the way to signed author books staring at me from behind glass at over $200. What makes the book barn even better than the books it houses is the classic character of every brick, every piece of hardwood floor and the sweet and helpful gentleman that checked me out at the register.

Below are some of the finds I purchased but there were so much more, that I will have to go back for; like a vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy book that I need to save some pennies to get! (P.S – Christmas is coming up if anyone is looking to buy me a gift. #Justsaying).


Baldwin’s Book Barn Website


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