Home Decor for Book Lovers

I’m obsessed. I’ll admit it.

My friends and family have all come to terms with it, and although I try my best to work on it, I just can’t stop buying books, smelling books, writing books and creating décor with BOOKS!

I started once with a book flower. It was a book that was falling apart, and I wanted to repurpose it, not just throw it away in the trash. They were small and looked awful, but I put them on the wall of my bedroom in my parent’s house as a teen, and they gave the book pages a different purpose. I had already read the book, and even though some pages were ruined, I was able to keep the book with me.

Then, YOUTUBE happened.

I was searching for videos of other paper flowers or book décor, and I found BOOK WREATHS!

I must have watched about four videos before I felt comfortable enough to try it, then I actually started to try it and almost cried as I pulled pages out of a hardcover that I’d purchased on sale just for the experiment. As a lover of books, it’s hard to rip the pages out of something you admire and respect, and as I began to put the wreath together, I thought that maybe, just maybe the people who had created this craft had lost their damn minds. But I continued, taking the pages and turning them into cones and using those cones to make a beautiful wreath. Since then, I’ve made several more.

Below is one of the first wreaths I’ve made. Its Harry Potter book (though, I can’t remember which one) that I made for my best friend as a Christmas decoration but she keeps it up all year round.



This below is the wreath I had for almost three years before it was damaged on my move from New Jersey to PA, its some pages from the complete Edgar Allen Poe collection.



Since my wreath was damaged, I had to replace it and recently just created this one. Made from the pages of classic fairy tales such as Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty (Brothers Grimm) among others.

They take a bit of time, but I can’t help but fall in love each time I make one. Love your books, in various types of ways. #artinmanyforms


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