Oh, baby/ Oh, books

I’m not a fan of baby showers, I can be honest about it. There is something about the games and the ooh’s and awes at every single piece of newborn clothes that bores me to death. But that doesn’t mean I don’t go to them. As any good friend or family member would do; I get dressed up, throw a smile on my face, participate in the games and buy a gift.

Of all the baby shower’s I’ve had to sit through, there haven’t been many times when a mother-to-be has opened a present and pulled out a book. I never understood why. To me, a book is just as crucial to having a baby like diapers, clothes, and toys. Bedtime stories, teaching words, and building imagination can really shape a child.

This past weekend, I attended a baby shower, and I bought the classic “I Am a Bunny.” It was a hit, gathering a round of applause after the glowing mother pulled it out and showed it to the crowd of guests.

I am a bunny

When it comes to gifts for children, I always throw in a book. Everyone knows it and honestly, it’s always been appreciated. I’m not sure if the recipients of the gifts actually use the books and read to their children, but I hope that they do and while they do; I hope they build memories.


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