642 Things to Write About

I bought this book a year or two ago. Back, when I was first fighting writers block and getting my ass kicked.

Since I’ve had it, I’ve barely used it. Life got in the way, procrastination came to visit and motivation was on vacation. But now that I’ve found my writing self again, I’ve decided to give it another go and write from the prompts provided.

I’ll publish them, blog by blog like I’m writing them prompt by prompt. If not to keep myself motivated, maybe to motivate and engage some of you as well.

They’re interesting, some are dangerous and others scary but they all make me think outside the box and certainly make me write.

All posts will be based on the amount of space allotted for the prompt in the book, as well as have a photo of the actual book prompt to go along with it. (Please don’t mind my awful handwriting).


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