What type of writer do I want to be?

A dear friend and fellow writer once asked me to think about the kind of writer I wanted to be and focus on what message I wanted my writing to have before I started putting pen to paper. I remember sitting down and not thinking about what kind of writer I wanted to be but wondering why I had to put myself in one bucket or another. Couldn’t I just write?

Image result for emoji why

Most of what I write ends up being morbid. I like the darkness behind a mystery or the paranormal romance, but sometimes, even I have a cookie cutter idea filled with glitter, gold, and a happy ending; so why can’t I write both, or all or anything I want?

I thought about having multiple pen names. One for when I wanted to write peachy stories with bunnies and happy endings, another for when I wanted to write a romance and yet another when I wanted to get down, dirty and raw with a thriller or mystery but then I thought to myself; why hide?

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Why can’t I have 1 name with 1 story within 1 bucket of a genre and then move on and write something else to throw in another bucket?

I just want to write, anything I want and be able not to be judged on why I keep switching from one genre to another.

Am I wrong?

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