“Uh-huh”, “Umm,” “Urrrr,” and “Mm-mmm”

642 Things to Write About (Prompt 10)

Write a scene where the only spoken dialogue is “Uh-huh,” “Umm,” “Urrrr,” “Mm-mmm.”

“Mm-mmm.” It was the last sound both kids heard as their mother stomped out of the living room. It had been followed by their responses to the question of “what the hell were you thinking.”

From her reaction, both boys determined that “umm” and “urrrr” were not going to slide, so they chose to stop making noises and sit in silence as their father paced, unable to decide what he wanted to say either. It seemed like hours, days and even a whole frantic year before he headed toward the door also, huffing out “uh-huh” before heading out.


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