If a magazine falls in the woods – does it count as “reading?”

I received a small gem in the mail, it’s a Cosmopolitan magazine; aka, my dirty pleasure.

As much as I like reading the articles and I enjoy learning what my horoscope will be for the month and or year; I found myself looking over at my husband and saying “this magazine is 90% commercials.” I said commercials but he knows what I mean, it’s nothing more than pictures, advertisements or buy this not that comparisons.

So I asked myself, does a magazine really count as me reading?

I mean, I wouldn’t add it to my Goodreads challenge. I just don’t think there is enough content for me to think of it as if I sat down with a hot cup of cocoa and enjoyed a good read. To me a magazine is a quickie. Satisfaction in less than 5 pages of text and some pretty pictures to go with the mood.

Whatever it is, I still enjoy flipping through it.

Maybe instead of a hot cup of coffee, a glass of wine would fit better with magazine reading.


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