3 Easy Ways to Sneak Read at Work

Ever have a book you just can put down but life gets in the way, particularly WORK!

I have and over the years, I’ve managed to find small ways to get the job done while being able to keep reading. Now I know not everyone can multitask, and some people love to be immersed in a read but for those who can and want to keep the pages turning; check out what I do.

1. Get a kindle app on your phone:

It’s the easiest way to keep your book on your desk and the pages at your fingertips. While you’re on hold or a page is loading slowly, read a few sentences or a paragraph. You might even have time to bang out a page.

2. Bring your lunch:

You won’t have to worry about fighting traffic and getting back by a certain time to clock back in. Bring your lunch and your book, you’re set to eat and read.

3. Notify your work crew:

If you’re used to taking lunch with a friend or a group, let them know you have reading goals! You don’t want to chat today, you want to read and any friend should be supportive of your choice.


Now of course, don’t let reading ever get you in trouble. DO YOUR WORK! But if you’re able to take a sneak peek at a few sentences or pages, why not?!

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