The Goodreads Challenge…….jip?

Let’s start by saying, I love Goodreads. I’ve been using it for years but I feel, especially when I don’t make it to my yearly reading challenge goal, that I have been jipped!

I think back through the year of everything I’ve read and if I kept track, I’ve surely read more stories than just the number I end up with at the end of the Goodreads Challenge year. But it poses the question of “what counts?”

I read a lot of stories and follow series on an app called Webtoon.

Problem is; I can’t add any of these onto Goodreads so that I can select them as “currently reading,” “read” or my self created shelf of “could not finish.” They aren’t searchable and they can’t just be added, like submitting strawberry yogurt from an unknown brand into myfitnesspal to count calories.

With so many great stories, mixed with beautiful artwork and even music ……

It’s a shame that I can’t add them to my Goodreads challenge, or share them as recommendations to my Goodreads friends. I’ve completed two Webtoon stories over the past couple of days, but they won’t count and that makes me feel like I’ve lost “precious” time when I could have been reading toward my challenge numbers.

Maybe I’m just taking the Goodreads challenge too seriously?


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