New Year & the Teacher’s Pet

First post of the new year, first book finished in the new year and already feeling good about my Goodreads challenge (isn’t it cute, when so early in the challenge you can say things like this and believe them).

I started and finished the second nostalgic book I purchased in 2017. The second book of the Sweet Valley Twins series, Teacher’s Pet.

I can’t help but fall in love with these old school books again when I read them as an adult. The cover art is beautiful and simple, the book short and sweet and the message always a lesson learned. My favorite part about not only this book being so old but the fact that I got it in a used book store, is that sometimes these kinds of books come with a story other than those in the pages.

It’s an addition to the book that made me smile. I wondered how Ashleigh felt reading this book, if she learned the lesson that the author intended and if she went forward to read more books and has herself a Goodreads challenge.


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