The Area or the Time?

I’ve never needed a “writers space”. I could write anywhere, anytime and oddly on anything; napkins, notebooks and occasionally my hand.

But lately I find myself more and more distracted with things like Facebook, Netflix, and my puppy. It’s getting hard to write anywhere, so I’ve purchased a new desk and chair to create what I never thought I needed; a writing space.

Now! All I need is time to write.

It’s hard.

I sit at a computer all day at work, I come home and the last thing I want to do is plant myself in front of another screen and back on my butt.

Yesterday, I headed to the gym right after work. I came back and felt too exhausted to do anything, I went to bed with no words written.

I’ll need to take some time and think of a good routine. There is a balance, I can smell it but right now I find myself asking what’s more important; my space or my time?

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