Professional editing; for all or only the rich?

I have stories. Tons of them in all states; finished, unfished, currently in process but above all, all dirty.

By dirty I mean unedited; too many commas, confusing sentences, important details missing and anything else you can think of. I’ll admit it’s my fault. I HATE EDITING. I do and I often don’t ever read what I’ve written, just type “the end” and move on to another project that has been sitting on the backburner.

Whenever friends or family come out with the phrase “you should hire an editor,” I’ve always spit back “yeah right, like I can afford one?”



I’ve done research on a few different editors but trying to find one that has all the services I am looking for without giving away my life’s saving seems impossible.

Does anyone have any recommendations?



9 thoughts on “Professional editing; for all or only the rich?

  1. I’m exactly the same, I type and save them never return. It was only recently when I read on a blog that they hate when a blog has spelling mistakes and I thought, ‘that’s me!!!’
    So I’m editing a lot more. LinkedIn May be a start x


    1. LOL I’m glad I’m not the only one! I actually started by checking out Fiverr, it’s a great site and I actually found an illustrator on there to do some in content illustrations for me for a short story. I’ll check out Linked in as well, thanks for the tip! And happy editing lol maybe if you get better than me, I can just hire you. 🙂

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