Impressed, until I wasn’t.

I don’t like giving bad reviews, I really don’t.

But I also have to be honest about the books I read and this one just didn’t do it for me.


We started off on the right foot……. the chemistry between two rival Oil Tycoon fighting to keep the family business booming and destroying their rival while also keeping their clothes on; HOT RIGHT?

**Spoilers below** 

It’s all hot and heavy until you find out their parents are already getting hot and heavy with each other (his dad & her mother). That’s kind of where I lost it. Possible stepbrother/stepsister romance just didn’t get me hot and bothered, even though they have a history; it’s the present situations I couldn’t get past.

Then it’s the pressure, Broderick wants her to be his and be in a serious relationship and boy does he put on the pressure. Doesn’t matter how many times she says “I’m good, give me time or no thanks.” He’s determined, pushy and it’s unattractive.

As I always say with books that don’t sit well with me, I don’t finish or what have you; take a look for yourselves.

It’s not my cup of tea but one of you might enjoy it.

The Baby Claim, Catherine Mann



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