Goodreads Challenge Update

I usually try not get ahead of myself, especially when it comes to the dreaded Goodreads Challenge.

It’s a beast and although I always try my best to hit the mark, last year I didn’t make the cut and couldn’t reach my goal.

This year however, I’m starting off strong.


5 thoughts on “Goodreads Challenge Update

  1. Oooh, I’ve always wanted to read the SVH series, since I write lots of YA drama and romance, as well as college stories (SVU is one). Good luck with the reading challenge! I couldn’t do it, haha. I love reading, but writing takes over, and I end up not making enough time for it. My Kindle is stocked with books I need to finish. Judging by your screenshot, you’re doing very well, so I’m sure you’ll make it this time around. 😀

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