Writing Prompt Wednesday

Write a short story that is set in Argentina in 1932, in which a teacup plays a crucial role.

“Please, take a seat.” Roberto said in a thick Spanish accent.

Mariah reluctantly sat, glad that she wouldn’t have to focus so hard on keeping he legs steady enough to hold her up. She was nervous, terrified and mortified as she sat across from her lover Antonio’s father; minutes after being caught sneaking out of his bedroom. The man was restrained but she could tell from the fire in his eyes that he was furious.

Her hands trembled in her lap as she tried to look everywhere but directly at him. The night should have been for celebrating. The Olympics had begun and Argentina had already won their second gold medal. Outside the living room window, Mariah could hear the cheers. And joy of the proud Argentinian people.

A door opened, making Mariah practically jump out of her skin. She watched as Esmeralda, Antonio’s mother and Robert’s wife walked in with a tray of hot water, tea and three tea cups. Mariah had hoped they would allow Antonio to join them in this conversation but they wouldn’t and now that word had been sent to her parents, it would only be tea until they arrived to take her away. Three tea cups. Her parents would only be around long enough to ban her from every seeing Antonio again.

Mariah was sure she would be back in America before the next day was over.

“Tea.” Esmeralda announced, handing a full cup to her husband. She turned, took another one and handed it to Mariah.


Mariah sat utterly shocked as she looked into the empty cup with curiosity. Before opening her mouth to utter a word, she saw Esmeralda wink. Inside the cup was a small note, written on the slip was an address. No doubt the location where she could meet up with Antonio, just under the address was a drawing of a small plane.

They would be able to run away, together.

Prompt from: 642 Things to Write About (click link to purchase)

Featured Image from GIPHY.com


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