Small Town Murder

I recently discovered Podcasts.

Yes, I’m sure I’m late.


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But with my love of things dark; I couldn’t help but take a peek into a Podcast entitled Small Town Murder.

Hosted by James Pietragallo and Jimmy Whisman, the Podcast goes into murders past and recent that happened in small towns all over the globe……what’s best about, you ask….. IT’S A COMEDY PODCAST!


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I get it. They get it. Not many people appreciate murder and comedy together but Christ, these dudes are fucking hilarious. The news is depressing and murder is devastating but when you sprinkle a little bit of humor into the story, it’s easier to take down the hole.


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So I listen to it, every day on my drive to work and even sometimes at work with my headphones on. I’ve even gotten a few coworkers to listen to it and now, we have Small Town Murder discussions during lunch.

It’s not a book, but it’s information and it’s interesting.

I give it a fucking thumbs up!

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