Black Panther

The anticipation for the Black Panther movie was high for both me and my husband since it was announced. He was hype about it because he knows the character, I was hype about it because I didn’t.

I enjoy the new stories of characters I’m not familiar with; the history, storyline, love interest (if there is one).

It’s exciting!

And since I’ve never so much as picked up a Black Panther comic, I’m also excited to read some.

So when the movie came out, OF COURSE we went. And I gotta say; it was fucking phenomenal!

I enjoyed every minute of the movie, even waiting until after the credits to see the snippets of additional movie Marvel always sneaks at the end.

Watching it again in the theatre is something I’m anticipating and that doesn’t happen often for me.

I highly recommend it; for all its beauty including the story, the positive message and the amazing cast.


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