A very bad review

I wrote this review in 2015 on Goodreads.

Recently, a friend asked me to name the worse book I’ve ever read and instantly this book and review came to mind. I had never written a review this harsh before and I haven’t again since.

This book really pissed me off. 😡 Enjoy! 🤗

First, I want to start off by saying I usually don’t do “bad” reviews. However in this case, I just couldn’t hold my tongue.

I purchased Accidental Leigh by Melanie James book for Kindle off of Amazon. I wasn’t looking to purchase anything but read the synopsis and it caught my attention. I yelled “take my money, please” and purchased it for the cost of $1. That is where everything went wrong.

Though the story line is inviting, a reader devastated by the death of their favorite character and looking for revenge by rewriting that characters story, it’s not exactly what the story is about. LIKE AT ALL! By the third page in I was already annoyed.

The main character Leigh is an awful human being. She’s disrespectful towards men in her views of them, such as what they should look like, how they should act and is utterly appalled that they aren’t on their knees giving her everything she’s ever wanted like the male characters in books she reads. Apart from hating “real” men, she also hates her mother and her cat.

Throughout the book it doesn’t seem like she likes anyone other than a few friends. She even seems to hate the children she teaches and her co-workers. Leigh is a miserable woman who is hung up on the world of fiction that she allows it to affect her personal life to the point where I was disgusted at the fact that she was a teacher, shaping the lives of young children into what they would become as adults!

Things didn’t get any better for me while continuing on. Leigh groans on and on with nothing really happening but everything happening too quickly. She decides she wants to write a book, perfect, but only gets to write one chapter before realizing a similarity between what she wrote and her conversation with her mother about her mothers events the night before. As soon as she sees the similarity, she automatically says she wrote the event with no doubts and calls over her best friend to tell her she has magical powers.

Magical powers? Up until then there has been nothing mentioned about magic or anything supernatural other than the werewolf in the book she was reading. Her best friend, doesn’t question anything either going along with the magic idea and running with it!


I finished this book in less than a day and it wasn’t because I was enthralled. I wanted it out of my life as quickly as possible. There is no history, nothing that gives me a sense of who Leigh is beside her constant bitching that her cat hates her and basically saying men are shit unless they are fictional characters in books.

To make things worse, the book ends in a cliff-hanger which doesn’t give any answer or make sense and it certainly doesn’t make me hop onto my computer to purchase the next installment.

Overall, this book left me frustrated beyond belief that I took the time to even write a review, this long, which I rarely ever do!

I’m glad I only spent $1 on it but then again I kind of want my $1 back!

Never again. Ouch.


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