All kinds of Dead (True Blood Books)

Before True Blood was an HBO phenomenon, I had already started reading the books that would make the show come true. (Yes, I was into it before it was cool).


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Totally 13 books to the series, The Southern Vampire Mysteries, The True Blood Novels or The Sookie Stackhouse Novels, by Charlaine Harris, as they have all been known as is one set of series I found myself truly in love with and also completely over.

The show started at the peak of my obsession with the novels and like others who can’t get enough of something, I jumped right on board when the show started only to realize; yup, it wasn’t much like that book at all. The first season of the show mimicked the book well, but after that, it became very different.

I continued with both, pushing through the parts of the show that I had no interest in yet moving along just fine romancing the pages of the books.

Then one day, they sadly kind of became one.


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I remember it precisely; book 10 Dead and Gone, when I realized the books where becoming filler. It could just be me but as books 11 and 12 came out, I found myself losing interest and feeling like I was reading scripts to episodes of the show that would or would not be coming out.

By book 13, the last of the series, I was glad to be done and saddened that the love I had for the series went down far below the scale I had thought it would. I still own all the books, some are paperback and some are hardcover. Because I had been eager to get each installment, I never waited to achieve the perfect series of all paperback or all hardcover.

I still recommend the series as a whole, even though some of the books disappointed me.

All in all, if it’s a choice of any of you reading the books or watching the show; the pages would be more entertaining and true to the story.


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