Queen Anne Rice

My obsession with Anne Rice started at a young age. Probably much younger than I should have been to read her writing but since reading her first book of the Vampire Chronicles, Interview with the Vampire; she’s been my inspiration and somewhat mentor.


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I own almost every book she’s written, missing some random here and there but my Vampire Chronicles are complete.


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The books take up 2 shelves on my Billy bookcase (IKEA) along with a Vampire perfume bottle my mom purchased for me, because my friends and family like to feed my obsessions.

Of all the Anne books I own, my prized possession is Prince Lestat, which has her very own signature in it.

I will never forget the day I received the book. She had been on a book tour in which none of the areas she was going to was feasible for me. One particular bookstore in New Orleans was offering to ship signed books if they were ordered ahead of time and paid for in advance along with the cost of shipping.

Jumping at the chance, I placed my order and after waiting with bated breath I received my package. My hands were shaking as I opened the package. This book had been in her hands, signed using the same fingers that produced the words that inspired me daily.

I’ll admit it. I cried when I held the book in my hands. Cried because even though I didn’t  get the chance to meet her, the time she took to write her name in this book meant the world to me. Ask my husband, he walked into the dining room to see me holding the book close to my chest, tears running down my cheek. He thought they had sent me the wrong book and I was upset.



I look forward to reading anything and everything else Anne Rice will put out in the future and I still have some things to catch up on that she’s written in the past.

Overall, I’m not done with Anne Rice anytime soon.




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