Reading Games

I enjoy reading and I’m a huge fan of video games. So I find myself intrigued when I find games that allow me to do both.

Choices is one of those games.

An interactive story, Choices allows me to play a game (making choices that affect the result) and also read a story as it moves forward.

I’m currently on Book 3 of one particular story, The Royal Romance.

I’m addicted to this story, having eaten up the first two books quickly and even spending some hard earned cash on some particular decisions.

I don’t make it a habit to pay actual money for in-game play and I feel like some of the decisions that require gems are ridiculous. So I make calculated ones and only use gems when absolutely necessary.

Either way, you can enjoy the story without paying for anything and reading/playing for free.

There are tons of stories to select and even an option to write your own!


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