13 Reasons Why

It took me longer than I thought it would to get into the show 13 Reasons Why.

Some of it was because I didn’t have time to start another series, the other part was that I wasn’t sure what I could and could not handle when it came to the triggers. Of course, I’d heard a lot about the show (suicide, drugs, sexual assault, etc) and although you see a little bit of this and that in other shows/movies, this was a little bit different.

So I started watching it…….


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I found myself in tears by episode 3.

A trigger.


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It hit me harder than expected, it hit me and I hadn’t expected it to. I figured it was just a show. Like other Netflix movies, they get hyped up to be the “scariest” or the “hardest to watch.” I didn’t go into this show thinking any of it was true but there I was, watching the credits and reliving something I didn’t know a show could pull out of me.


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I took a break, finishing episode 3 and not going back until today. I’ve watched episode 4 and 5 with hopes of continuing on.

Only time will tell, as I’m told it gets worse and worse as you continue on.

This show so far is fulfilling all of the talk surrounding it. It’s a powerful statement, one that I feel everyone who can handle it should watch.

I’ll keep pushing on….. Perhaps even taking up the book and adding it to my “to-read” list for this year.


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Let’s see first how much I can handle.


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9 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why

  1. I have listened to its audiobook. Hadn’t watched the series. The book was hard listening to and gets harder by the end. There are a lot of points that touched me throughout the journey.

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