Book Roulette

For the most part, I try and keep my bookshelves in some kind of order.

It’s HARD considering some of my series aren’t completed or the fact that I like to pick up random books to purchase at various times. As I’m getting ready to pack up some more books, I found it hard to decide how to post some of them on the blog.

I didn’t want to do one post per book and I certainly didn’t know how to categorize them, so instead, I decided to do a book roulette and just put all my randoms in one area!

I also had some help wrapping these up.

Jemma, the book-loving dog. 

Puppy BOMB! 

I won’t list all the books since the pictures are close and make them pretty easy reads. If anyone can’t tell the title of any of them, please comment and let know.

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