Vintage Agatha Christie

My obsession with used bookstores knows no bounds and because I’ve run into some awesome finds, I’ve started collections here and there of vintage books.

My collection of vintage Agatha Christie‘s is one I work on the most.

Some of the books are placed in plastic holders, so old and fragile that the pages would literally slip out. I find it hard sometimes to read them in this condition, too nervous on how to hold them or accidentally tugging on a page too hard so I either purchase the newer version just to read or read them on Kindle to make up while keeping the vintage in tacked.

Below is the list of the books pictured:

  • The Big Four
  • The Secret Adversary
  • Sleeping Murder
  • So Many Steps to Death
  • 13 at Dinner
  • Elephants Can Remember
  • Sad Cypress
  • Murder at Halzemoor
  • The Body in the Library
  • The Clocks
  • Funerals are Fatal
  • Murder in Retrospect
  • Curtain
  • Murder is Easy
  • Remembered Death

I haven’t read all of these yet but have read the majority. I continue to keep an eye out for vintage Agatha’s every rare or used bookstore I go to, in hopes of collecting everything one day!

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