Stress relief

Long and hard work days. School work. Moving. Kids.

There a hundred if not thousands of reasons to be stressed out during the day or week. For me, I find my stress relief at book stores. Some newer stores like Barnes and Noble but if you’ve read my blog before, you know I love used/rare bookstores.

I can be there for hours; browsing the aisles, running my hands over old covers, reading the summaries and finding new stories to take home. It’s my little piece of heaven.

So I went to one of my favorites yesterday, to trade in some non-keepers and pick up a few newbies.

The best part about used and rare bookstores, is many of them have a form of trade policy. You give them books, they’ll give you credit and you can put that credit toward other books you’d like to purchase.

In my case, I trade in books I either didn’t like or liked but not enough to keep in my collection. I went in with about 8-9 books to trade in and walked out spending $10 (after my credit) on these gems below:

  • Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn – I actually read this book years ago when I was on a Kindle kick but never actually purchased a physical copy. I found it for $1 and with my credit, got it for 50 cents.
  • Pretend You Don’t See Her, by Mary Higgins Clark – I’ve seen a lot of books by Mary Higgins Clark but I actually haven’t had the chance to read anything by her. I look forward to getting into this one and seeing what she’s about.
  • The Moonlit Earth, by Christopher Rice – As much as I adore his mother, I have never read anything by Christopher Rice. This was the only book of his in the store, so I scooped it up.
  • The Lincoln Lawyer, by Michael Connelly
  • Honeymoon, by James Patterson
  • Roast Mortem, by Cleo Coyle
  • Mystic Visions, by Rosanne Bittner
  • Mississippi Blood, by Greg Iles
  • Mean Ghouls, by Stacia Deutsch
  • This Totally Bites, by Stacia Deutsch

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