Lately, I’ve been getting into a lot of podcasts.

I never really knew what one was and assumed it was just boring talk radio, but my husband listened to them  and talked to me about a few podcasts he was listening to; some about gaming, other music, like his favorite hip-hop and I got to thinking that I would probably/should probably be able to find podcasts about my favorite topics.

Behold crime and drama podcasts.

Now, I’ve already been through a couple. I started with Dirty John


Photo Source

Then moved on to Atlanta Monster


Photo Source

I also listen to a fantastic crime comedy podcast called Small Town Murder.

S. Town

Photo Source

I’ve already blogged about them but they are always worth another mention.

Since I listened to the others a few weeks back and can’t remember much detail, I decided to focus on Serial, the most recent podcast I’ve finished and still have fresh in my mind.

Serial is an investigative journalism podcast, the 1st season and only season I’ve listened to so far follows the case of Adnan Masud Syed, who was tried and convicted of murdering his high school ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee, back in 1999.


Photo Source

I first heard about this podcast on the news. As it turns out, due to the podcast’s popularity and the stones it unturned, Adnan is actually getting a new trial. He’s been in jail already for 18 years of the life sentence put on him. It was announced last month that he will have the new trial, as his old trial was in the state of Maryland.

Throughout the podcast, I kept my mind open; making sure to hear the facts without bias since I had never heard the story before, but I have to admit it was hard!

I went back and forth with believing Adnan was guilty to thinking I could prove his innocence if I just wrote down all the inconsistencies of everyone else’s stories. The podcast, the details, and the story was raw and emotional, especially since they not only interviewed Adnan himself but also his mother, brother, and friends who to this day believe in his innocence.


(Adnan today) Photo Source

After the podcast, I found myself looking into the story more. I’ve added a few books to my “to-read” list and have marked my calendar to follow up on updates on the new trial. I look forward to following it closely, now that I feel invested in the story and it’s outcome as I’m sure many others who have listened to the storytelling feel as well.

Anyone interested in this story of crime or true crime at all should take a listen. I highly recommend it.



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