House of Z

For me, Instagram has been a place to take fun pictures and keep up with, not only family like Facebook allows but also follow celebrities closely. Its been a great way to find new bands, home decorating ideas and it led me to designer Zac Posen.

Photo Source

I fell in love.

With this creative passion, his design and of course; his final products.

So when he posted about a documentary on Netflix, I made sure to add it to my list and today I finally watched it.

It was a wonderful documentary, starting with his family and their love for art and how they were able to build an empire out of Zac’s talents and their collective support of each other. Following the ups and the downs of his career, his mental health and the struggle to keep the family together; it’s a glimpse into the dark of the fashion industry and shows how much guts Zac has for pushing through it.

I enjoyed it very much and now can look at his collections, items, and shows in a different light. Each gown is beautiful in its own way, has its own story and fits the woman like a glove.

One day, I hope to wear a one of a kind dress made by Zac Posen’s own hand.


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