Double Dipping

It’s only when I’m knee deep in a story I’m writing that a handful of ideas show up and want me to make space in my writing life for them. Any other time, I’m dying of dehydration; begging for a sip of any story idea.

I guess that’s just how it goes, but recently I’ve been toying with the idea of Double Dipping!

I.E – Writing two stories at one time.

Crazy, I know.

But not impossible, right?

I know for fact, I’m able to separate multiple stories at once. It took awhile, but I went from reading one book at a time to bouncing back and forth, reading up to four books during the same week. To me, that makes me feel confident in being able to invest myself into 2 different pieces of writing.

As of right now, today, it’s just a thought. With unpacking, cleaning and settling down after my families big move; I’ve barely had time to even write Chapter 5 of The 6 Month Lease but I’m thinking once life gets a little less messy, it’s a challenge I’d like to accept.

Has anyone tried?




2 thoughts on “Double Dipping

  1. yes, i’m in the middle of 2 nonfics and 1 fiction. i haven’t double dipped in fiction though–i’m waiting until i finish to start with the next. i think brandon sanderson does it all the time, though. he writes some series as a way to relax when he’s in the middle of his serious series.

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