The Return of the Prodigal Writer

I’m back!

It hasn’t been too long of a time, but it’s been long enough. I’ve missed blogging and hopefully you’ve missed me.

A few things kept me away; I packed, moved, unpacked and had to work closely with our pup Jemma. Jem suffers from extreme anxiety and has been having a rough time with the changes.

This is her on the first day of the move, hiding behind the toilet. It was her “safe spot” until she was comfortable enough to move around the apartment.

When we rescued her, she was terrified of everything and everyone. She was also covered in live fleas and had worms. We got her healthy and with enough love and training, we have been able to break her out of her shell and into the living and playful pup we love to pieces.

But it’s drastic changes like this, that remind us just how hard she’s worked and how much more work we still have to do as a family.

Now that the hardest part is over and we are all settling into our new spot, I’m able to put pen back to paper and start blogging again; not to mention also begin writing/posting more of The 6 Month Lease.

I hope you’ve all missed reading it as much as I’ve missed writing it.


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