1001 Things to Watch

Between Netflix and cable T.V. shows that a few friends have recommended, my “things to watch” list gets longer and longer by the week.

So today, a gloomy and rainy day of which I don’t feel 100% should be the best time to start into the list, right?


Instead, I’m watching Goodfellas. A movie I’ve seen so many times, I can quote.



After this, I say to myself, I’ll watch something new. 

Wrong again!

After Goodfellas, it looks like Casino comes on….. another favorite of mine and yet another movie I’ve seen so many times I can quote.


(Did I mention my crush on Robert De Niro?)

So with 1001 things on my list to watch, this Sunday I’ll do what I always do and end up watching old movies that people consider classics and I consider good T.V.

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