Fifth Grave Past the Light

A long long time ago, I made the decision to stay away from “comical” paranormal books. It stemmed from a bad case of getting myself and a friend into an almost 12 book series that went from great to horrible about 6-7 books in. At that depth of hell, it took a lot for us to either get through the series or give up and be big fat losers. I gave up and my friend took one for the team and, in agony, finished the series.

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Since then, I’ve figured that it’s just not for me.

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I guess I should have reminded myself about my pledge when I decided to pick up Fifth Grave Past the Light, by Darynda Jones.

Now to be honest and fair, I haven’t finished the book yet. But I find myself regretting picking it up in the first place when I get to things like:

  • “Oh, for the love of gravy.”


  • “I was not a jealous person. Had never been jealous of anyone for any reason, but in walks Reyes Farrow and suddenly I’m that chick from Fatal Attraction.” 

I can’t help it, I rolled my eyes.

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My friend has already told me to give up, chastised me for getting myself sucked in by a good summary and rave reviews.

I’ll try and stick it out but I wonder to myself as I read, how did we get 5 books into this already? What the hell were the first four about? And last but not least, when does it end?

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Elly V


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