2,400 pages of Trilogy


So I have to admit, I played myself the other day.

I finally felt good enough to start reading something heavy and I instantly ran to my bookshelf to grab a Greg Iles book.

Mississippi Blood, has been a book I’ve been dying to get into and also one I’ve been dragging out starting because it’s easily 800 pages.

But since I felt it was time, I picked it up ONLY to find out; it’s part of a trilogy and cannot be started without having read the first two books.

Fine! I exclaimed and went back into my library and picked up the first two books, which I had already purchased because I think I now own all Greg Isle’s books. (My husband wasn’t amused, but he knows what he married into lol).

So here it is, the whole trilogy and it’s not going to go down smoothly. That’s a lot of pages, information and story but I’m actually excited to get into it.

Has anyone read any of these yet?


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