The 6 Month Lease (On Hold)

It was inevitable, I think.

Although I really wanted to write weekly and get a new chapter up as quickly as I could; life seemed to have something different planned for me and between moving and some new life changes, I haven’t had the time to write that I once thought I would.

BUT IT’S ALL GOOD, because this doesn’t mean I’m not continuing to write the story….. it just means I can’t write it on a weekly basis and post it up like I thought.

So don’t fret, the story will be written (right now in a notebook, yes old school pen in hand) and when I get to type it up, I’ll start posting it again.

I hope I’m not disappointing anyone, I honestly didn’t think I would get the amount of love for the story and my writing that I did and I’m forever grateful. I promise I’ll get back into it as soon as I can!


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