Paperback Trader

I tend to find myself on adventures when I least expect it.

Thursday night, I zoomed out of work and over to my first prenatal yoga class. As it turned out, the class was mere minutes away from my job and I ended up being there about an 1 hour and 45 minutes early.

What’s a girl to do? …… I decided to just keep on driving further up the road to see what else was around. To my delight, I found a shopping plaza. In it I found a super cute dog store called Tailwaggers but

….most importantly, I found another used book store, this one called the Paperback Trader.

Of course every time I find a used bookstore it’s like a dream come true. I get giddy and I can’t wait to see the inside.

I gotta say, it didn’t disappoint.

Although it looks rather messy, there are just books everywhere! It’s magical and also hard to walk through. I had to hold my purse up over my head to walk in between stacks of books and boxes full to the brim but the person working the counter was professional and kind. Letting me know that if there was anything I couldn’t reach or pull out of a stack, he’d be happy to help.

I found 4 books to add to my library, I won’t post them here because I’m saving them for my next book haul post but I enjoyed my visit to the Paperback Trader; I was able to kill time, get some new reads and add this bookstore to my list of those I’ve visited.


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