Vampire novels….taboo?

Anyone who knows me, knows I love vampires.

Reading about them, watching movies/shows about them and well, writing about them. But over the years, it seems like the vampire has become taboo. They’ve been “done” and in some areas overdone, to the point that people roll their eyes at anything vampire anymore making not only me but others feel like their vampire writing won’t be taken seriously or will be “just another vampire book.”

It’s discouraging. And frankly, the vampire overflow was one of the reasons I stopped writing about them and moved on to other things to write about, although the passion wasn’t as deep.

I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately. Wondering if all my failed writing projects recently are a response to be fact that I’m not finding my current content as fun or daring. I’m wondering, if I should post up some old (and I mean old) vampire writing I used to do, including high school writings that I still have……their bad and unedited and overly dramatic but I still love them, the ideas and the fact that I pushed myself to write something I was and still am truly in love with.

I’m thinking……. I just might do it. 😈


2 thoughts on “Vampire novels….taboo?

  1. I think you should. Writing is partly for you. I’ve written some vampire novels and yes, people tend to find them overdone and only want PNR over just vampire, but anyhow it’s what I wanted to write and I never really thought it would take off and that’s why I didn’t bother finding representation for them just self-published. My romance on the other hand I’m trying to get published, but writing has to be fun and spark your muse or it won’t be fun anymore.

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    1. I agree with that. You bring up a good point, I should be writing for me and if others enjoy it then it’s a bonus. I think I’ll post up my old stuff and maybe start working on some new vampire stuff, it’s gotta be fun and I think writing outside of my comfort zone has been frustrating and also a little underwhelming. Thanks!

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