The Vampire Leo – Prologue

The cold air is blowing hard and the snow falling down fast as I sit in a cabin in the woods writing this odyssey of a story. My hands are ice cold and the fire is almost out but it’s much better than the places I have been staying in lately.

This cabin has a shower, one that only gives cold water but it’s a shower. The place I stood in before didn’t even have a bathroom! Now, of course, I would only use it for the shower but what about the mortal man or woman that had and possibly will stay there. Where will the poor bastard go to do the human needs that he needs to get rid of?

Oh, the joys of a mortal life!

I haven’t wanted the luxury that I’ve had all my immortal life for some reason. I wanted now something simple and something regular and I ended up with this cabin. It has hardly enough firewood to keep me warm or any trail to get me to civilization and back without getting lost.

The man who has given me this cabin comes once every week to make sure the tenant is still alive enough to continue to pay rent. He does bring however the firewood that is needed to keep me warm but at times he does forget and I stay to freeze until I decide to get out and find some myself. It’s too cold to be roaming around as I say, but I have to in order to feed. There aren’t many humans here around the woods and I don’t know where else to go but the city. I leave early into the night just to go out and find the city when I do; I kill about four or five and come back home ready to sleep until I realize I have many more hours before I must sleep.

This happens to be one of those nights. I came home not knowing what to do next and I remembered what a friend had once asked of me. She asked, “Leonardo when you have the time would you write your for me your life story?” I always thought about that and the reminder she gave me through our letters finally pushed me enough and now I will write it for her. So now, I will write my entire life in a notebook or five.

Five because I know one won’t do, I have lived too long to quickly sum up.

Copyright © 2018 by Elly V
All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof
may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever
without the express written permission of the author.

Elly V


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