The Vampire Leo

I started working on this piece in high school.

I remember writing late at night, trying to get as many pages complete before study hall the next day where a friend of mine would always ask to read what I’ve completed. He was interested in the story, would tell me where he thought I needed to give more information and overall kept me motivated to write.

I’m not sure where I ended in this story, I’ve kept it but I haven’t read it in years. There are some parts I remember writing vividly and others I don’t remember writing at all. I’m looking forward to getting back into this old story.

It’s very much inspired by Anne Rice, my hero. You can tell by the title and also some of the writing. This was around the time I started to play around with writing, before that I had always loved to read and collect books but at this point is where I really started to think “maybe I can do this” and the obsession with writing began.

I’m also grateful to finally be typing this out. I’ve carried it around in its original notebook and it’s magically survived 3 moves, but I want to make sure (even if I don’t do anything with it, like publish) that I keep it forever.


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