Mean Ghouls

When I was younger, I remember books like The Babysitters Club, Nancy Drew and Sweet Valley High.

There weren’t many options for “goth” kids books, even though I enjoyed the dark and macabre.

So I get really excited when I find books, especially Scholastic books that are dark of course; children’s dark.

Case in point, Mean Ghouls by Stacia Deutsch.

Although I was disappointed in the actual storyline or rather the storytelling, I thought the idea was great!

“If Megan thought life at her new boarding school was going to be easy, she was dead wrong. All the students have the same mysterious virus–one that’s slowly turning them all into zombies. The teachers at Zombie Academy are lifeless and the food stinks. Literally. And worst of all, the clique of popular mean girls who rule the school have already decided that Megan’s dead to them.

All Megan wants is to get back to her old school and her old friends. But until a cure is found, she’ll have to figure out how to survive middle school.”

The beginning of the story was cute and entertaining but I soon found myself reading a high school drama filled cool kids vs nerd kids when I should have been been reading a middle school zombie story.

I lost interest.


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