I’m a literary cutter

I admit it.

No matter how much I try, I always find myself throwing myself back into book categories I know damn better to stay away from. I’ve tried to get help but even my dear friend can’t stop me from reading another book I know I’ll end up hating.

This month’s razorblade comes in the form of a “COZY MYSTERY.”

Roast Mortem by Cleo Coyle 

The New York Times bestselling author brews up another culinary mystery–and this time, it’s New York’s Bravest that get burned: After local firefighters pull Clare out of a blazing café, she happily comes to their rescue by teaching them the finer points of operating their newly donated espresso machine. But matters really heat up when somebody is torching cafes around the city and firefighters begin to die in suspicious ways…

Believing the two events are related, Clare investigates, staking out a five-borough bake sale and sniffing out clues in the pizza ovens of Brooklyn. When her detective boyfriend, Mike Quinn, is pulled into the fire of a false accusation, Clare is desperate to put out the flames. But will she be able to come to Mike’s rescue before someone tries to extinguish her?
Did you gag yet? 🤢
I couldn’t help but roll my eyes when I saw the cover but then I read the description and REALLY rolled my eyes, but something happened because after almost going blind; I still took the book with me.
So now I’m sitting in my library adding it to my Goodreads “currently reading” and trying to talk myself into giving the book a shot. Which I will, even though I know how many times books like this one have let me down.
Maybe I’m hoping to one day be won over by a cozy mystery book, with its cartoonish book covers and overly predictable synopsis. Or maybe I find joy in torturing myself.
Either way, this book comes with recipes, YES, actual recipes…. so maybe if I don’t end up liking the book, I’ll be able to learn how to make biscotti.

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