Who am I writing for?

Lately, I’ve been struggling to write.


There is no shame in my game, I know I’ve been battling the beast for awhile now. It started a few years back when I put myself out there only to be taken down hard by an Indie Publisher who ripped me to shreds after giving me all the hope I had dreamed of.

Since then, I’ve found it tougher to put my work out there and worse….. I find myself doubting my writing ability and telling myself I’m doing it for nothing.

I’ve been trying, especially with Nanowrimo around the corner to get back to my passion. Light the fire, so to say, but it’s been tough.

The 6 Month Lease is banging around in my head but I’m not sure what I have written (not posted) is where I want to go. There are a few other stories urging for my attention and all of them I find myself not wanting to get too close to.

So how do I move forward?


…………….I’m asking honestly, how do I break out of myself?

Elly V



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