Nano Prep Day 4

Day 4 of Nano Prep asks “Why do you write?” 


Honestly, it’s a tough question. I write because it feels natural to me. Putting pen to paper has always been a way I enjoyed expressing myself and my creativity but I suppose I write because I was inspired to.

It’s no secret I love reading and have read many books over the years but I didn’t WANT to write or become a writer until I fell in love with Anne Rice and her voice.


Image Source

When I first started reading The Vampire Chronicles (at a much younger age then I was probably supposed to, but my parents never minded what I read) I was thrown into a world that was mesmerizing. The characters, story, history….. everything brought me back to read the next book and the next until I had devoured every inch of the Chronicles and decided that being a storyteller, a creator of worlds and characters was what I wanted to be.

It was only then, that I realized I had the gift all along. A few teachers had told me to enter poetry contests or writing contests, some had even sent me to the Child Study Team because they were afraid of my writing and that I would hurt myself or that I was depressed but I wrote without hiding the voice or my ideas.

Without the inspiration, I’m not sure I would have dabbled as deeply into writing as I have and continue to do. It’s a part of me now, something I enjoy and could honestly live and breathe if allowed.




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