Wolf Slayer

I’ve read a lot of Harlequin books.

I’m sure you all remember I get their monthly subscriptions mailed, but after reading WAY too many cowboy books I decided to branch out into their other categories.

The latest is Harlequin Nocturne, a mix of romance and paranormal books. I’ve received a couple so far but the first book I’ll be reading is Wolf Slayer by Linda Thomas-Sundsteom.

Descended from a long line of werewolf trackers, Tess Owen knows everything there is to know about hunting the big, bad beasts—except what to do when you find yourself falling for one. 

Solitary, preternaturally powerful Jonas Dale is a legend among his own kind—and among those who want to destroy his kind. He’s also undeniably sexy. Longing intensifies Tess’s hunt for this lone wolf, and her prey’s passion matches her own. Meanwhile, a common enemy stalks them both. Will desire save Tess and Jonas, or will it destroy them?

I’m intrigued and honestly, just happy I’m not on a farm somewhere.

I look forward to getting into the book, it seems like a quick read from the size.

I’ll keep the world updated once I’m done!


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