I failed….

It’s certainly been awhile since I’ve written anything and posted.

There’s been a lot going on…..

  • I’m 1 week away from being 9 months pregnant

  • I started and finished a few books 📚📚
  • I’m overwhelmed and stressed at work

And last but not least…..

I failed Nanowrimo!!!!!!!

Considering everything I’ve had on my plate between baby prep, Thanksgiving, baby prep, Christmas prep, baby prep; I think I did relatively good ending my Nanowrimo this year at about 15-16k.

It’s not where I wanted to be but I’m proud of myself for once again starting and writing as much as I could. Nanowrimo has always been a fun challenge for me, I know some take it very seriously but I take it as I can and enjoy each years experience; including the stories I come up with, since I like to work on something new every year.

With a newborn on the way, I know I’ll be taking some time off from writing but I plan to kick start some more books and continue reading. That means that hopefully, I’ll be able to carve out some time to update here but I’ll admit I’m faster at updating my Instagram: oh_sweet_sweet_word_addiction_

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