This week in baby books….

I can’t believe it’ll be a month, tomorrow, that my son (Santiago) was born.

People were right; time DOES fly by.

Though it’s been busy, I have been trying to keep up with reading him one book a night (when we can) in order to build a nighttime routine. It’s a little difficult with him being so young because he sometimes falls asleep before reading time or is too fussy to get through it; but I continue to try and read to him as much as I can.

Below, are some of the books we have been able to read together so far.


I’ve been lucky enough to have a great set of family and friends who don’t walk over the threshold of my apartment without a book in their hand as a gift for Santiago.

His library is growing slow and steady.

With the books he has so far, I feel like we have a good amount of books but since he’s so young reading the same book more than once won’t hurt either.




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