Baby’s first bath; a review

Since our baby showers (we had a total of 3), we’ve been working our way through the gifts we’ve gotten and figuring out what works best for us and our baby boy.

Last week, he finally lost his belly button and we were able to give him a full bath. Excited to try out some of our gifts, we started with the Blooming Baby Bath Flower.

I was the most excited because let’s face it, the damn tub is adorable!

So we set everything up by the kitchen sink (soap, water bowl, wash cloth, etc) and got the baby prepped for his first bath. One of us would capture the moment on camera while the other bathed the baby……..

That’s when we realized, the Blooming Baby is a two person wash job.

There is no stability, my son is just 1 month old; he can’t sit himself up, hold himself up or anything of the sort. So one person has to hold him while the other washes him up, it’s laboring. The baby is wet, slippery and wiggly which makes moving him and turning him around nerve wracking.

Overall, we just didn’t like it.

We didn’t feel comfortable using it, the baby didn’t look comfortable in it and after all was said and done; we were happy the bath put the baby to sleep but we needed a nap too!

When he’s a bit older and able to sit up, we might try it again. The results might be different but next up, we will be trying the Fisher Price 4-in-1 Tub which has a newborn sling for support.

That review coming soon!


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