Similac Strong Moms 💪🏼

If there is something I’ve learned in my first few weeks as a new mom, it’s that coupons and free are my new dirty words.

Baby products add up; especially, when your baby is on formula. My son spent an extra 7 days in the NICU and for that reason and a few other health reason of my own, I was unable to breastfeed.

He was put on Enfamil and did good but he did FANTASTIC when he was placed on Similac Pro-Advance.

After making the decision to stick with Similac, I went on to do some research for coupons and in which stores the jugs might be cheaper; that lead me to the Similac site and their reward program, Similac Strong Moms.

The program is amazingly simple to sign up for and comes with a large variety of savings including; coupons, savings checks and even free samples of formula among other things.

I signed up immediately and about a week or two later received the first gift.

I received coupons in forms of $5 checks, 50 points towards my Pampers Rewards profile and two samples; one for Similac Pro-Advance 4 oz packets and a sample for Similac Pro-Sensitive for fussiness and gas.

Since getting the box and trying the Pro-Sensitive, we’ve seen an even more positive change and have switched him to that formula.

Overall, the Similac program seems like a win! We were able to find and try another formula that worked out better, were able to save money using the coupon checks and every time we use those checks, we get points online for even more savings!


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