Paper, pencils or pens… oh my!

Whelp, as if things couldn’t make me go any slower….. my laptop has decided to die on me.

Okay, well it’s not really dead but it’s in electronic hospice and isn’t doing me any favors by being a gamble. Sometimes it turns on, others it doesn’t and lets just say IF it turns on, there is no telling when it will just randomly turn off.

In other words, I NEED a new laptop.

So I’m off to do research, or rather I have been doing research to find the one that will work for me.

Until then, I’ll be blogging from the app and my phone which you would think would be more convenient but it’s really not (maybe it’s just me) and also using our “family” computer, which is really my husbands mega computer who streams online when he plays video games, when I can.

But that also means, I’m back to writing……… ON PAPER!

*For the kids in the back, this is what we used to do back in the day*

I actually still really enjoy writing on paper. It allows me to slow down and really focus on what comes next, it also allows me to purchase new pens (I’m a pen hoarder). The only fallback is that once I write everything down, I THEN have to type it.

But, what can I do?



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