Baby’s First Year

Being a mom is a full-time job, especially when you’re trying to keep up with your baby’s baby book.


I picked up this book of firsts for my baby boy because it had an elephant on the cover, which happened to be the theme for his nursery. I figured it would have a few pages for pictures like any ol’ scrap book, but when I finally received it and opened it up I saw there was a lot more than just blank pages.


There are so many fun pages to be filled out with either notes from mommy and daddy or pictures to add. There are pages that ask for information such as what a loaf of bread cost when he was born, who was the president, etc.

The book goes all the way up to his first day of school!


There are additional pages after the first day of school, they are blank for anything they might have missed or whatever you want to add. It’s an awesome little book but it makes me feel like I’m constantly behind!

I am trying to keep up with dates and making sure I haven’t missed any firsts (when it comes to pictures) but it’s tough. I’ll continue to try and keep up, it’s so much fun when I am working on it.



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