Paper, pencils or pens… oh my!

Whelp, as if things couldn't make me go any slower..... my laptop has decided to die on me. Okay, well it's not really dead but it's in electronic hospice and isn't doing me any favors by being a gamble. Sometimes it turns on, others it doesn't and lets just say IF it turns on, there … Continue reading Paper, pencils or pens… oh my!


Similac Strong Moms 💪🏼

If there is something I've learned in my first few weeks as a new mom, it's that coupons and free are my new dirty words. Baby products add up; especially, when your baby is on formula. My son spent an extra 7 days in the NICU and for that reason and a few other health … Continue reading Similac Strong Moms 💪🏼

Baby’s first bath; a review

Since our baby showers (we had a total of 3), we've been working our way through the gifts we've gotten and figuring out what works best for us and our baby boy. Last week, he finally lost his belly button and we were able to give him a full bath. Excited to try out some … Continue reading Baby’s first bath; a review

Stuck on Book 4 of the year

I can't say I'm surprised I'm still stuck on a book, I just had a baby! Between recovering, feeding every 2 hours and not getting enough sleep AT ALL; when I finally do have a few minutes to myself I usually spend it quickly showering or downing coffee..... Needless to say, I haven't had much … Continue reading Stuck on Book 4 of the year

This week in baby books….

I can't believe it'll be a month, tomorrow, that my son (Santiago) was born. People were right; time DOES fly by. Though it's been busy, I have been trying to keep up with reading him one book a night (when we can) in order to build a nighttime routine. It's a little difficult with him … Continue reading This week in baby books….