A book addiction

Hi, my name is Melissa and I'm addicted to buying books. NOT sorry! Buying books is my favorite, especially when I get to go to different used/rare book stores and buy some books for the price of a nickel. It does, however, come with a fallback; buying too many. Yesterday, I did a book inventory. … Continue reading A book addiction


Stuck on Book 4 of the year

I can't say I'm surprised I'm still stuck on a book, I just had a baby! Between recovering, feeding every 2 hours and not getting enough sleep AT ALL; when I finally do have a few minutes to myself I usually spend it quickly showering or downing coffee..... Needless to say, I haven't had much … Continue reading Stuck on Book 4 of the year

Book 4 of 35

In keeping up with the rolling ball so far into the new reading year, I finished up a disappointing book 3 and am heading straight into Book 4 of the year; The Cottage, by Danielle Steel. On a sunny day in Hollywood, a gleaming Rolls-Royce convertible pulls through the gates of the magnificent estate known … Continue reading Book 4 of 35